How to join the V.V.O.G.A.

If you would like to become a member of the V.V.O.G.A., you need to fill the first half of the form ( Download the application below ) and then submit the application form to the SCHOOL OFFICE, so the next part, that of your tenure in school is certified correct. 
Thereafter the application should be submitted with the appropriate membership fee (The membership fee + the fee for the membership card) and stamp-size photographs to the: 
Hony. Treasurer,
Visakha Vidyalaya Old Girls' Association,
135, Vajira Road,
Colombo 5, Sri Lanka. 
We have also enabled an Online Platform for those who like to fill and submit their applications contactless. You can download the application below and follow the instructions given therein.
Presumably, the VVOGA may not undertake overseas mailing unless the mailing fee is enclosed, but will mail the membership card along with the receipt to a local address if a fee for registered mail is enclosed. 
Since this is a two-step process, it would be better if you could also provide a local address to which the application could be mailed back after the verification of the school tenure. 
Once the information re: the tenure from the school office is available, only then should the same application be mailed with a cheque for the required amount to the Treasurer, V.V.O.G.A. 
Download Application
Please download the following application to update your details, if you are already a member. Email the completed application to