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Our school began under the name of "Buddhist Girls' College" in a house called "The Firs" at Turret Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was moved to its present premises at Vajira Road on the 21st of November 1927 and named "Visakha Vidyalaya" by Lady Herbert Stanley, the wife of the then Governor of Ceylon. From humble beginnings, Visakha Vidyalaya has risen to the position of the most sought after school for girls in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, it is the only girls' school identified amongst the first National Schools in the Island.

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2016වසරේ ආර්ථික හා වාණිජ්‍ය ක්ෂේත්‍රයන්හි විශිෂ්ටතම දැක්මක් ඇති කාන්තාවට හිමි අන්තර්ජාතික සම්මානය දිනා ගැනීමට ශ්‍රී ලංකා අපනයන සංවර්ධණ...

Guidelines and Specimen Application for 2018 Grade 1 Admission as issued by the Ministry of Education. Sinhala English

LIKE YOU LIKE IT – Presented by the Drama Society of Visakha Vidyalaya Tickets can be purchased from Bishops College Auditorium Call Dinki for...

Don't miss this opportunity to meet your colleagues and relive your memories at the exclusive sing along session. Tickets are priced at Rs. 500...

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