VVOGA AGM and Felicitation Ceremony

The Annual AGM of the Visakha Vidyalaya OGA was held at the Jeremias Dias Hall on 7th July 2018 under the patronage of the Principal Ms Sandamali Aviruppola, and with the attendance of the Executive Committee, members of the OGA and some teachers.
As per the agenda a full review of the performance during 2017/18 was completed along with the presentation of the financial status. Sub committee activity was presented for comments and based on audience input the committee was able to confirm the status of projects that were being continued into the next year.
The new EXCO was appointed according to the required formalities.

A dedication and glowing tribute was made to Mrs Sita Siriwardena, for her outstanding service as a Teacher, Sectional Head, Deputy Principal, OGA Secretary, and SDS member. Every Visakian who has been connected with this great institution during the past four decades, will have memories of their personal interactions with this gracious lady, who has been responsible in guiding and forming the futures of the Visakians. Her composed stature, pleasant smile and eternal kindness are just a few qualities we will always treasure when thinking of her. Her commitment to our alma mater and perseverance in moulding the character of the students who passed through it’s gates during this time, cannot be measured.

Visakha Vidyalaya celebrated it’s 100 years of service to this country, in grooming young ladies to become outstanding personalities during the year 2017/18. The Centenary Celebrations Committee had to shoulder the mammoth task of organizing a series of events during the year to show case this landmark milestone.
It was no easy task to rally the resources to meticulously execute every single activity on the calendar. But the team excelled and reached their goal with flying colors. The school celebrated it’s 100th Bday in a highly visible manner creating high awareness, not just among Visakhians, but among the masses at large.
The team was felicitated, for the outstanding efforts, post the AGM at the same event