Mrs. M. N. Edussuriya - A great lady who made Visakha History

Mercy Nalini Edussuriya is an exemplary Principal who turned new chapters in the history of Visakha Vidyalaya, She took over as the Principal of Visakha Vidyalaya in the year 1988 and retired ten years later leaving behind a legacy of continued excellence in academia, sports and extra-curricular activities and a school stronger and secure in its position as the leading girls’ school in the country.

Mrs. M. N. Edussuriya won the hearts of everyone. It is indeed quite a task for any Principal to have the complete support of the staff, parents and the love and respect of the students. During her tenure Visakha celebrated her 75th anniversary in 1992. At the O/L examination in 1996 Visakha Vidyalaya had 100 per cent passes, a rare achievement for any school at that time.  

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