The 27th Pulimood Memorial Oration

Welcome to the 27th Pulimood Memorial Oration, recognizing the academic achievements of our past pupils.  The success and continuation of this very prestigious event is made possible by the generous donations of our old girls. We thank you for it.

Visakha stands proudly today as an achiever school much in demand due to the visionary foundations established by our former Principal of 22 years, Mrs. Susan George Pulimood. With the introduction of Science and focus on academic achievements, Visakha was established as a super grade school, a status she continues to enjoy today. Women of Visakha have taken up ‘great challenges’ and moved into many diverse fields and held very responsible positions as professionals.  The Pulimood Oration is our tribute to this visionary, dedicated Principal.  Your valuable donations will help us to sustain this very special annual event in the VVOGA calendar. We appeal for your generous support of Rs. 500/- or more towards the Oration expenses.

Cheques should be made payable to Susan George Pulimood Educational Trust and crossed A/C payee only. Donations can be made on the day of the Oration – 23rd July.  Please include your name and address so we may post your receipt if you decide to send your donation by post.