25th Susan George Pulimood Memorial Oration

The 25th Susan George Pulimood Memorial Oration was held on 23rd July 2015 at the Jeremias Dias Hall, Visakha Vidyalaya with the presence of principal Ms. Sandamali Aviruppola and former principals.

The Oration is conducted annually, in memory of a beloved principal, Mrs. Pulimood who served as principal for 22 long years and was responsible for changing the direction of education of Buddhist women, enabling them to achieve academic excellence and serve the country in many diverse fields. Visakha Vidyalaya was established as a ‘super grade’ school during her tenure.

The Orator for year 2015, 25th Susan George Pulimood Memorial Oration was Dr. Hemamala Hettige,  (nee Munasinghe) , Senior Advisor, Independent Evaluation Department , Asian Development Bank - Manila, Philippines.

The topic for the oration was "Tackling Twin Towers- Taking steps towards inclusive and sustainable development." She mentioned during her speech that Sri Lanka has performed well compared to other countries in the region with regard to targets such as gender equality, maternal healthcare and education.

Four students received Susan George Pulimood Memorial scholarships at the ceremony. Sulakna Palihakkara received the scholarship for Bio-science, Sachitra Warnakula for Physical Science, Zaitun Hakeem for Arts and Waruni Dhanya Weerasinghe for Commerce and Best All Round Student.

There was a great participation for the event of young and old Visakians making the event a success.